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METAdrasi joins the succesful Job Fair in Lesvos

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More than 450 refugees and asylum seekers participated in the Job Fair organized at the Closed Controlled Facility of Lesvos on 27 and 28 February.

METAdrasi supported the Job Fair, the first of this year, with interpretation and employment counselling services provided to asylum seekers looking for work. During the two-day Job Fair, around 30 employers from all over Greece, who participated either on-site or online, discussed with prospective employees potential job opportunities in various sectors, such as tourism, construction, agriculture, technology, and interpreting. Following this initial meeting, many participants will engage with prospective employers through further interviews and communication.

“METAdrasi receives requests from employers from all over Greece and across various sectors because there is a significant challenge in finding people to work,” said Lora Pappa, President of METAdrasi, emphasizing the importance of learning the Greek language for those residing in the facilities, in order to enhance their ability to find a job and become self-sufficient.

The event was organized by the Reception and Identification Service of the Ministry of Migration and Asylum and the UNHCR, in cooperation with the International Organization for Migration, through the HELIOS Programme funded by the Ministry of Migration and Asylum.

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