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METAdrasi participates in the campaign “Childhood on the Move”

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Today there is an unprecedented escalation of the phenomenon of population movement around the world. According to statistics, one person every two seconds is forced to leave their home. In many cases the person forced to leave their home is a child or a teenager. The reasons are many: climate change, natural disasters, poverty, war conflict, escape from abuse and lack of opportunities for a better future.

These children who end up living in precarious conditions under a permanent state of fear and insecurity, lose their precious childhood. This is a state of emergency in which we cannot and should not close our eyes. The children’s damaged childhood can lead to a problematic adult life – both for the children themselves and society as a whole.

After many years of persistent and systematic efforts to highlight the issue of responsibility sharing among European countries regarding unaccompanied children, METAdrasi sees with great joy and actively participates with its authorised Guardian, in the process of the first relocations of unaccompanied children that have already taken place and the ones that are about to follow.

But this is only the beginning. We stay alert and we continue to take action directly and collectively, to protect unaccompanied children and their opportunity to claim a better future.

METAdrasi as a Civil Society Organisation that has developed innovative activities to protect unaccompanied children and is an active member of the Family for Every Child global alliance, participates in the awareness campaign to protect all minors of the refugee populations.

METAdrasi’s participation in the campaign starts shortly before World Refugee Day and will be promoted through the Organisation’s social media. We invite you to promote and reproduce it on your own social media, so that we can all create a global web of protection and advocacy on the rights of unaccompanied children.

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