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Unique constructions in our education centers

An inspirational team of Dutch architects offered to design and construct unique structures for METAdrasi’s non-formal education centers in Mytilene and Chios, with the aim of enhancing the well-being and overall learning experience of students.

Full of enthusiasm, Michael, Beatrice, Niels, Zoe and Laura, worked voluntarily and built an impressive library for our center in Mytilene as well as a beautiful multipurpose educational space in the courtyard of our center in Chios.

“Our yard became like a playground! I want to be here all day long”, says Mahrett, excitedly, while swinging in the courtyard.

“Our library is a space for learning and cultural production. The children are happy to spend more time here!”, adds Kostas, a member of METAdrasi’s education team.

We are grateful for this precious gift!

Photos: Laura Beckeringh

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