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METAdrasi’s educational programs

Since 2010, nearly 2,000 students from 30 countries have approached the Greek language, with common goals to strengthen their communication skills in Greek, improve their living conditions and integrate into Greek society.

“… they are people who have great eagerness to learn, they come with a lot of enthusiasm. This is my reward”, says Vicky, one of our volunteer teachers.

Student registrations take place from Monday to Friday, from 16.00-20.00, in 8, Thesprotias Str. (behind Larissa Station), on the 4th floor.

We wholeheartedly thank our volunteer teachers for standing by our students in their great effort to learn the Greek language.

We also thank the Swedish organization “We do what we can” for their kind support, by covering expenses such as for books, consumables, teachers’ transportation and participation in the Greek language certification examinations that our students will sit for in a few days!

An important supporter of METAdrasi’s courses is also HIGGS, providing rooms for additional classes and we thank them warmly!

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