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METAdrasi’s Escorting Missions for Unaccompanied Minors: 5,136 stories of courage and hope and a tireless team!

METAdrasi’s Escorting Missions for Unaccompanied Minors started in 2011, in order to cover the important gap of unaccompanied children’s safe escorting from unsuitable conditions to appropriate accommodation, in cooperation with the National Center for Social Solidarity, local prosecutors & authorities and child protection agencies.

The escorting traveling distances cover the whole of Greece: from the south (Crete, Kastelorizo, Karpathos) to the north (Eidomeni, Evros, Drama), from the Aegean borders (Lesvos, Rhodes, Samos, etc.) and Cyclades (Naxos, Andros etc.) to the Ionian Sea islands (Lefkada, Corfu, Zakynthos, etc.) and the mainland (Gythio, Larissa, Preveza etc).

In 2017, additional needs for adults with vulnerability and single parent families’ escorting missions emerged. Already up to date, 4 adults with their children have benefited from this action.

Within the 5 years of the activity, 1,502 escorting missions have been carried out for the safe and immediate transportation and assistance of 5,136 minors!

Indicatively, in 2016, we accompanied 1,727 children, while since the beginning of 2017 more than 500 children have been accompanied to services and appropriate accommodation facilities.

Every single child we meet through this activity is a unique personality, a different story, a source of power for us, in order to continue…

We are very grateful to our escorting teams (social scientists, interpreters, volunteers), the administrative staff and METAdrasi’s friends and supporters, who have been contributing for 5 years to the immediate realization of the escorting missions, leaving no child in unsafe conditions!

Supporters of the activity are the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Aegean Airlines, Blue Star Ferries and Hellenic Seaways.

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