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METAdrasi’s interpreters in the Ristona camp following the wildfires in the region of Attica

Metadrasi - 234672747 3381492738658760 1173634755785232030 n

For three consecutive days and at the request of the National Public Health Organization (EODY), our team, taking immediate and coordinated action, sent interpreters to the camp of Ritsona where around 2,000 refugees were safely transported after the urgent evacuation of the Malakasa camp, due to the wildfires in the region of Attica.

As early as Friday, and while the highway remained closed, our team managed to find a side road so that the interpreters could reach the Ritsona camp. There, as the refugees were being rushed from the Malakasa camp, the situation was extremely difficult. As it was an emergency, our interpreters were present throughout the weekend, when, thanks to the coordinated efforts of all the competent bodies, the situation progressively got back to normal.

In these difficult moments, our teams are now putting all their efforts into collecting and delivering basic necessities and other essential items to the Fire Department and the collection points for dispatch to the affected Municipalities.

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