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METAdrasi’s Participation in Conference in Sofia for the presentation of “Council of Europe”‘s Strategy for the Rights of the Child

As the North-South Prize of the Council of Europe was awarded to METAdrasi’s President Laura Pappa, for METAdrasi’s contribution in the field of children’s rights’ protection, METAdrasi was one of two Greek NGOs that participated in the High Level Conference, organized in Sofia, in the context of the Bulgarian presidency of the Council of Europe, in order to present its new strategy for the Rights of the Child.

METAdrasi participated in the thematic panel “Upholding the rights of children on the move: learning from the “refugee crisis” “, next to Sweden’s and Greece’s Children’s Ombudsmen, high officials and officers of the European Court for Human Rights, UNICEF, the Council of Europe and the Greek NGO “Agalia”, presenting existing gaps in the field of child protection in Greece and solutions at a national and European level.

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