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Mini Lexicons in 8 languages: an essential tool for basic communication

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“The Mini Lexicon has helped me a lot in my communication with the local people, in order to understand basic words and expressions that make my daily life easier. I also find it helpful for my Greek language lessons. It is indeed a very practical guide” M.M., asylum seeker.

The daily communication of refugees and asylum seekers is made easier with the “Mini Lexicons for Basic Communication.” The third edition is available in eight languages (Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Kurmanji, Turkish, Sorani, French, and Ukrainian) and is a product of collaboration among UNHCR, METAdrasi, the Society for the Development and Creative Occupation of Children (EADAP) and the Swiss Embassy.

Find the Mini Lexicons in electronic format here.

The Mini Lexicons are available free of charge.

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