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Creating a Mother and Child Area at the Asylum Service

An exemplary result of determination and team effort that help solve a pressing problem, without having to break the bank.

Among the hundreds of asylum seekers who gather daily at the Asylum Service in Athens, there are many mothers with babies and young children. They often have to wait for hours. They need a special place where they can breastfeed and care for their babies, and a safe environment for the young children to play.

METAdrasi has been offering interpretation services at the Asylum Service in Katehaki from day one, and having identified the need, decided to find and implement a solution. And we did: a friend and supporter of METAdrasi, Mr. Theagenis Iliadis donated a container which was barely used and he also kindly covered the cost of transportation and installation. Mr. Petros, who has always been a great help to us, took care of the initial refurbishment, like painting, etc.

13th May 2016:
Today we installed the container in the courtyard of the Asylum Service, and work started immediately. Members of our team, in collaboration with our friends at the Asylum Service who were especially looking forward and excited at the prospects of this new Area, started working on the essential tasks: cleaning, interior and exterior refurbishment and installations of necessary equipment, so that we will soon be ready to receive the first mothers, babies & children. Our volunteers will be there to offer their assistance where help is needed.

18th May 2016:
The container has been thoroughly cleaned, new floors have been added, and more internal and external refurbishment works have been done. You can see how the container has slowly been transformed into a work of art, with the help of our very own talented interpreter, Sam. The rest of the team have been preparing the furniture and supplies.

24th May 2016:
Work is progressing rapidly. The container is taking its final shape, and our associates are assembling furniture and are getting ready to transport materials and supplies.

31st May 2016:
The Area is nearly ready! All participants are contributing with enthusiasm and passion, while the children are all eager to play!

3rd June 2016:
It is complete! The external area has been transformed into a friendly and safe space for the children to play in. The volunteers of METAdrasi are available to help, care and play with the children. The Area is filled with laughter and life. 🙂

22nd June 2016:
The children are playing, drawing, doing arts and crafts, making musical instruments, improvising…
As our volunteer Chara points out:
«It doesn’t matter if we don’t all speak Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Kurdish, Greek; Playing brings us all together!»

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