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Moving human stories

The greek national tv channel ERT3, in a broadcast titled “Refugees”, in the series “People’s Deeds” (“Anthropon Prakseis”), presents METAdrasi and its activities in support of unaccompanied children: our team, the accommodation facility in Athens, families that opened their homes to these children.

METAdrasi’s innovative activities for the unaccompanied minors “Guardianship Network” and “Foster Care” were created in 2015 and 2016 respectively, funded by EEA Grants,
with the Bodossaki Foundation as Fund Operator. Today, they are supported by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, with funding from the European Commission (DG HOME), while the Guardianship Network is also supported by the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration (SEM) and UNICEF.

Given the enormous needs in the field of unaccompanied minors’ protection, every help is important.
You may also contribute to the unaccompanied children’s support.

From “Ε.Ρ.Τ. Α.Ε.” archive. You may see the full broadcast here.


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