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METAdrasi’s Participation in EuroPCom 2016

“These people (refugees & migrants) are just like you and me, only more vulnerable… The fact that they might not speak our language doesn’t mean that they are not intelligent. They have already proven their endurance, strength and determination, by surviving conditions we wouldn’t even dare to think of and by re-building their life from scratch…”

Brussels, 20-21/10/2016:
METAdrasi participated in the #EuroPCom 2016 conference, where 700 professionals from all over Europe gathered in order to be updated on the latest developments in the field of communication and exchange views. During the workshop “Migration Crisis: communicating refugee integration locally” METAdrasi’s Communication Manager spoke about communicating with refugees and migrants and about the challenges and solutions when it comes to communicating innovative projects in support of unaccompanied children in Greece.

We thank the European Committee of the Regions of the E.U. for their kind invitation.

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