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Metadrasi - PR 1 10 2020 c

“We are not racist in Kamena Vourla”

Metadrasi - PR 1 10 2020 c


“We are not racist in Kamena Vourla”
“Such a shame that a small portion of people characterizes us all as a society.”

In the wake of the events that took place in Kamena Vourla with the arrival of the 39 unaccompanied minors for their temporary stay in a local hotel, METAdrasi wants to highlight the invisible dozens of people who disagree with the stigmatization of their city. To give voice to all those who, quietly and with simple and very human gestures, showed their support to the children.

The text message we received from a resident of the area accompanying a symbolic donation moved us all and we believe that it expresses the feelings of hundreds of other locals: “For the children in Kamena Vourla. Such a shame that a small portion of people characterizes us all as a society. We are not racist in Kamena Vourla. Congratulations on your work.

From the first moment the events with the extreme reactions became public and until today, we received dozens of calls and messages from residents of the region, but also from other areas of Greece, expressing their devastation for what happened in Kamena Vourla and asking us how they could help and support the children. On the first day, we received a phone call from a resident of Kamena Vourla who apologized crying for the behavior of this small portion of her fellow citizens!

Individuals, on their own initiative, visited the hotel and after asking what we need for the children, they went and bought croissants, toys and other things. Ladies of the local community sent whole boxes of cookies, while another lady visited the hotel with her dog who the children were completely fond of. Patakis Publishers donated 39 copies of the bilingual (Greek-Arabic) book “Vatracheli”. When we had to take two of the children who had musculoskeletal problems to the local Health Center, all the staff was willing to help. Police department officials are on our side. Local organizations offer their help with educational material, clothes, toys and food.

And these are just a few examples of the people’s moving reaction. “This is the other side of the city that we have a duty to highlight. The city’s stigmatization must be fought and I hope we will succeed to do so in the short time left until the children depart” says METAdrasi’s President Lora Pappa.

Metadrasi - PR 1 10 2020 a
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