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METAdrasi’s program for temporary accommodation of unaccompanied and separated children in foster families: “I love you, dear uncle Zad”

Two children, a nine year old girl and a twelve year old boy, made this envelope and card as a gift to the father that hosts them. He is Arabic-speaking as they are, and they call him with love and respect “dear uncle Zad.”

The card says: “I love you, dear uncle Zad”
and the envelope: “To my dear uncle Zad, I send my regards and respect, my gift and my big love. We are going to Germany. I wish you a long life full of health and grace and I also wish your children have luck and a bright future.»

Learn more about METAdrasi’s program “Fostering Alternatives to Detention for Children“, supported by the European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM), a collaborative initiative of the Network of European Foundations.

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