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Jennifer Poulakidas lives in the USA, but she follows the developments in her home country, Greece and is interested in actively contributing to support the most vulnerable.

Following her family tradition of offering to the community, she always strives to aid and support. Through “The Hellenic Initiative” (THI), she sought ways to be of assistance in Greece more effectively and to offer some of her personal time and have a first hand experience of the problems, challenges and efforts that are being made.

“I wanted to celebrate my birthday by doing something different and also meaningful”, she says. As THI has been cooperating with METAdrasi for years and supporting its work – especially the transit accommodation facilities for unaccompanied children in Lesvos and Samos – they recommended that she contacted us.

Jennifer volunteered in our facility in Lesvos for the ten days she had in her disposal. As she states: “Ten days is not a long time, but it was an opportunity to better understand the truly dire situation […]. I am grateful to THI and METAdrasi for that opportunity.”

On our part, we wholeheartedly thank Jennifer and THI!

You may read the full text, here.

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