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Human Flow special screening for METAdrasi

Monday 12/2/2018, Aavora movie theater:

We watched the breathtaking film “Human Flow” by Ai Weiwei.
The screen shots took us on a journey around countries of origin and countries of reception of refugees, in camps of thousands of people. Human stories of uprooting, violence, search for hope…

Before the film screening, METAdrasi’s representative mentioned a few words regarding METAdrasi’s team’s efforts in order to support these people.

We are deeply honoured by the fact that Ai Weiwei, inviting the audience of the film to support organisations active in the migration field, chose METAdrasi as the Greek organisation to be recommended.

Many thanks to Seven Films and Aavora for the organization of this special screening, from which part of the proceeds will be allocated to METAdrasi, as well as to all of you who shared this unique evening with us!

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