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Step2School: the lessons have started!

METAdrasi’s summer education program, aiming at preparing refugee and migrant children for the upcoming school year, has began.

With great joy, 120 children entered the classrooms, made their first learning steps, played in the courtyard, made friends… At the same time, their parents had the opportunity to attend Greek, English and German language lessons.

“It was very touching to see the children’s smiles when we distributed bags, pencils, writing books and when we introduced them to their teachers”, says Konstantina, Head of METAdrasi’s Education Program. “Children and parents expressed enthusiasm and great willingness to cooperate, while the volunteer teachers were well prepared and cheerful. We wish everyone to enjoy this experience and obtain valuable knowledge!”

The school runs from Monday to Friday, from 4pm to 8pm.
From July 3rd, the school will be open during morning hours as well.

This activity takes place within the “Open Schools” program of the municipality of Athens, which is implemented with exclusive donor the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

Information regarding the activity in Greek, English, Arabic, Farsi and Sorani

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