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Stepping Stone: more steps towards integration

At the end of July, the 5th educational seminar of METAdrasi’s Stepping Stone activity took place, aiming to provide refugees and migrants with the appropriate skills, in order to successfully integrate into the labour market.

25 beneficiaries from 12 different countries, some belonging to especially vulnerable social groups, attended the 5-day seminar. By participating in the educational process, they reinforced their social skills and they prepared themselves to integrate into the European work environment, through an interactive and experiential methodology.

“I am very happy for successfully completing the seminar”, 29-year-old Ali, from Syria, tells us. “I have more confidence and hope that I will manage to find a job. During the seminar we were all together, helping each other and I gained precious friends, not just useful knowledge…”

Through a business network that supports the Stepping Stone activity, METAdrasi enables the beneficiaries to get integrated in the labour market, with paid internship or occupation that last three to six months.

Within the first 14 months of the activity’s implementation, 115 beneficiaries have participated in the educational seminars. 40 of them have already started their paid internships or occupations, while 4 of them have been granted scholarships.

METAdrasi’s Stepping Stone activity is being implemented with the support of Captain Vassilis & Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation.

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