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Metadrasi - hotspots snow

Struggle for survival in the cold

Metadrasi - hotspots snow

Just like every day, today I went to the camp. All fellow interpreters, we gather in a tent during our break time and we try to warm-up with the one heater we have. It is unbelievably cold. And especially in the last few days.

But then, in the evenings, I go back home, I talk with my friends, I watch the news on the TV, I cook something to eat and I go to bed. And as soon as I turn off the light, I start thinking οf all these people in the camp. How do they manage to survive? How can they sleep in this cold? How do they get through the night? I think about how privileged we are after all. How we have lost our human values!

It’s not just our teams in the field making these thoughts. In METAdrasi we know about the conditions prevailing in the camps, with the extreme cold testing the human endurance; and we all make the exact same thoughts. Thoughts that go especially out to the children who make up 40% of the camp population. In Lesvos and Samos in particular, where the majority lives in tents; where people have lost all dignity, not knowing when their stay in these conditions will end. In months? Years? No one knows…

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