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European Commissioner, Christos Stylianides, visits METAdrasi

“The humanitarian prize of great importance that was awarded to METAdrasi is not just a symbol of the value of these innovative projects. Most of all, I think it is an important recognition of these people around here who are not just employees, but they give their soul for this programme.

And because I know that for this prize to be awarded there is a great evaluation on all levels […], I tell you that the evaluation was very strict and for this prize to reach Greece and METAdrasi it means that the evaluators have seen both the practicality and effectiveness but also the soul of this programme”.

We warmly thank the European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, Christos Stylianides for his visit to our offices, in order to congratulate on METAdrasi’s selection for Conrad N. Hilton Foundation‘s Humanitarian Prize 2019.

Video: Athens News Agency – Macedonian Press Agency

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