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Teaching the teachers on the Akelius platform

Metadrasi - DSC3062

On 17 and 18 October METAdrasi and UNICEF organized a workshop that aimed at introducing educators, including primary and secondary school teachers, school principals, and education coordinators, to the digital language platform Akelius. This platform serves as a valuable resource for teaching and learning the Greek language.

During the workshop, participants engaged in a variety of activities provided by Akelius to explore its educational capabilities and the principles of blended learning. The training included hands-on exercises utilizing technological tools, where teachers collaborated in groups, sharing their valuable insights and experiences.   

This workshop effectively empowered the participants to seamlessly incorporate the Akelius e-learning platform into their classrooms, thereby making the process of learning Greek an enjoyable experience for their students.

Akelius has supported more than 15,000 students, mostly from immigrant and refugee backgrounds, in learning Greek, thus boosting their confidence and smooth adaptation to a new environment.

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