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Our favourite book “Ftou Xelipi” by Marietta Kontou, has been released in Arabic!

Our favourite book “Ftou Xelipi” by Marietta Kontou, in the Greek version of which METAdrasi has written an addendum with information on the unaccompanied children, has been released in Arabic*!

The book – based on the true story of Yusra Mardini, a teenage athlete from Syria who was forced to leave her home and traveled as a refugee to Greece and Germany, managing to get as far as the Rio Olympics – talks with liveliness and sensitivity about love, friendship, separation, determination and the sporting ideal.

Many thanks to Metaichmio Books for this initiative and also for the book copies they have donated us, which will offer joy and inspiration to the arabic speeking unaccompanied children we support throughout Greece!

The copies offered to children-refugees and migrants are accompanied by a personal note of the author, in Greek and Arabic.

More info about the book: bit.ly/2q666kM

*Translation in Arabic: Persa Koumoutsi and Abdelaziz Mohamed Abbas. Illustrations: Stathis Petropoulos.

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