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The Embassy of France in Greece symbolically honours METAdrasi’s president, on the occasion of the International Women’s Day

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METAdrasi’s team expresses its pride for the special honour that the Embassy of France in Greece bestowed on our founder and president Lora Pappa, on the occasion of the International Women’s Day (March 8th). Her portrait was chosen to be exhibited outside the Embassy in Athens, along with the portraits of three other Greek women and four French women who, through their work and their stance on life, promote the rights of all women.  

We, who spend our lives next to her, know how approachable she is, we know her perseverance, passion and immediacy. She is a source of inspiration for us and gives us strength to continue to fight for equality, integrity and solidarity. We warmly thank the Embassy of France for this symbolic honour to our president.  

While women and children make up 60% of the refugee population, this recognition empowers each and every one of us to continue defending the rights of our most vulnerable fellow humans, who have fled their countries, not just in search of a better future, but because their lives and freedom were at risk.

Metadrasi - IMG 20210305 WA0016
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