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The World’s Largest Lesson

The World’s Largest Lesson: teaching the children about the Sustainable Development Goals

40 of our children, hosted in METAdrasi’s accommodation facility for unaccompanied children in Athens or attending the Greek language courses in our offices, participated in AIESEC’s initiative “World’s Largest Lesson”, which was held for the first time in Greece. The workshop aimed to inform the children and strengthen them, so that they can take action and become the generation that will change the world.
As AIESEC volunteers say: “We are the last generation to reverse climate change”.

The children had the opportunity to meet volunteers from various parts of the world. During creative activities, they discussed problems concerning the planet, including refugee and environmental issues. Divided into groups, they created collages using recyclable materials and presented them, explaining why they chose each material. Finally, volunteers and children, shared cultural elements from their countries, such as phrases in their language or something from the history and tradition of their homeland.

We warmly thank the AIESEC volunteers for the significant experience they offered to the children and we wish them all the best in achieving their goals.

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