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“Thousands of unaccompanied children in Greek island camps need help”, Alfonso Montero, TheGuardian

“Some of these children may be in a camp for up to a year until they are transferred, subject to smuggling, drug abuse or violence”.

The Guardian presents the issue of thousands of unaccompanied children in Greece, quoting the words of METAdrasi’s president Lora Pappa and highlighting METAdrasi’s efforts to support these children, through escorting missions to appropriate accommodation facilities, cooperation with families for offering them hospitality and family warmth, as well as the provision of an opportunity to some of them to make a fresh start in Portugal.

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More info regarding METAdrasi’s activities for the support of unaccompanied children: metadrasi.org/en/our-activities

Would you like to contribute to METAdrasi’s work? metadrasi.org/en/support-us

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