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“Together in Sport” events – October 2021

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Training with the local volleyball team – 22/10

A warm welcome by the young athletes and the coach of the volleyball team of AO Kavala awaited in the gym “Alexandra Dimoglou”, 15 girls of 9-12 years old who live in the Refugee Accommodation Centre in Kavala. In a blink of an eye, any hesitation was overcome and the young girls enjoyed an unforgettable training session.

The day concluded with many photos and t-shirts of “Together in Sport” for everyone. The girls of the sports club were overjoyed with their new fiends and persistently asked them: “Will you come to our next practice?”

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Touring the lake on electric bicycles – 16/10

14 unaccompanied minors had the opportunity to enjoy a special sports event in Ioannina: they toured the lake on electric bicycles!

Early in the morning, the children were ready! After carefully listening to the instructions of the specialists who had taken care of all the necessary equipment, the bike ride began. Throughout the 30 km ride, the guidance by the managers was excellent. After the necessary stops for rest and a longer break to enjoy their picnic, the children completed the bike ride, filled of beautiful pictures of the lake and excitement for this truly special activity.

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Watching a rugby match
– 10/10

Four unaccompanied minors from METAdrasi’s the semi-autonomous living programme, attended an exciting rugby match, as guests of the team of AEK. At the end of the match they were given T-shirts with the team logos as souvenirs.

Sport activities in the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens – 26/10

In another special event, the students of the 2nd High School of Intercultural Education of Elliniko and the 1st General High School of Vyronas, had the opportunity to get in touch with various sports (such as volleyball, football and cricket) and activities (such as modern dance and karaoke).

With the coaches and teachers guiding them in every step, the children had fun and learned about many Olympic sports.

Yet, the greatest success of the event was the intercultural communication and exchange. The recognition of the equality of cultures and the interaction between them, the cooperation of people of different nationalities.

In this context, when the time for the dance lesson came, we were thrilled to see the students, under the guidance of the teacher, dancing together to the traditional rhythms of Afghanistan, Africa and Greece!

Discovering the sport of Judo – 30/10

Minors hosted in the Home Project and Melissa accommodation programs took part in the judo event held at the AIKIDO martial arts school. As part of the event, the children first attended a demonstration by the teachers and students of the school, and then took part in exercises, learning the basic principles and techniques of the sport. At the end, all the participants were given commemorative diplomas and gifts.

“Together in Sport”, initiated and co-funded by the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, is implemented by METAdrasi in cooperation with the Hellenic Olympic Committee, the German Olympic Sports Confederation and the participation of municipalities all over Greece. The project is co-funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and will run until 30/6/2022.

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