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Together in Sport – September-October 2022


Excursion to the XPLORE Entertainment Center
Through two visits to the XPLORE Entertainment Center, the children of the 51st Primary School of Athens had the opportunity to explore the magical world of science and the seas. In XPLORE Science’s interactive environment, the young explorers learned through play about the human body, water, light and energy. In addition, they wandered through the XPLORE Oceans’ aquarium, where they discovered mysterious creatures of the deep and marine species from exotic and tropical places.

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Guided tour of the Athens Olympic Museum
The children of the 51st Primary School of Athens visited the permanent exhibition of the Athens Olympic Museum, where they learned about the history of the Olympic Games. The children discussed the values that the Games highlight, such as world peace and fair play. The visit ended with creative activities for the children, who prepared collages and drawings of the Olympic and Paralympic sports, as well as of the participating countries.


Metadrasi - METAdrasi Perama Cave

Excursion to the Perama Cave
A visit to the Perama Cave with the participation of children aged 15-17 years old was organized by Together in Sport, in cooperation with the Accommodation Facility for Unaccompanied Minors managed by the International Centre for Sustainable Development (ICSD) in Ioannina. While hiking, the children were informed by the guides about the cave’s ecosystem, its creation and change through time. Many children recalled past visits to caves in their home countries, which they described to the rest of the group.

Metadrasi - METAdrasi Hiking Voutsaras

Hiking in the village of Voutsaras
Together in Sport organized a hiking trip to the protected trails in the village of Voutsaras, in collaboration with the Accommodation Facility of the ICSD in Perama, as well as with those of “Frodizo” and “Agios Athanasios”. At first, the children were given instructions on how to move safely, such as what to do if they come across an animal or in case it gets dark. Throughout the walk, they talked to each other, laughed and sang, while following the safety instructions they had received.

Visit to the Paul Vrellis Greek History Museum
59 children visited the Paul Vrellis Greek History Museum, as part of a trip co-organized by Together in Sport and the 9th Primary School of Intercultural Education of Ioannina. The tour was joined by children of seven different nationalities, who had the chance to share a unique experience outside of the school setting, while learning about Greek history in a more entertaining way.

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Spectators at a basketball game
Eight children from the “Agios Athanasios” Accommodation Facility attended the basketball game for the Greek Cup in Ioannina, played between IBC Ioannina and Kavala BC. The children arrived full of anticipation at the New Ioannina Indoor Gym and soon were thrilled with the atmosphere in the stands. Once they found out that the one team competing was that of Ioannina, they sided with it and cheered whenever it scored a point.


Hiking in Palia Kavala
Our young explorers went hiking in Palia Kavala, crossing a path located 15 km from Kavala. The hike started with a guided tour of the watermill, where the children learned how to grind in a traditional way. Afterwards, they followed trails in the mountain and soon reached the waterfall, taking a dip to cool off in the crystal-clear waters.

Pottery class at the Home of “The Smile of the Child
A special pottery class was held at the Home of “The Smile of the Child” in Nea Iraklitsa, Kavala. The children followed the teacher’s instructions with great attention, managing to make with clay the logo of “The Smile of the Child” and the Eiffel Tower. Even before the lesson was over, the children asked if they could come back soon.

Pottery class at the Centre for Creative Activities “Dimiourgia”
A special pottery class at the Centre for Creative Activities “Dimiourgia” was attended by 31 children, eight of whom live in the Accommodation Facility in Kavala. Within almost two hours of inspiration and carefreeness, the children made unique autumn-themed creations using leaves and other materials of their choice.

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Storytelling at the Old Music Hall
An interactive storytelling at the Old Music Hall (Halil Bey Mosque) in Kavala was attended by a total of 44 children and parents. The story unfolded in a tall, distant lighthouse and focused on a group of pirates. Young and old alike listened to the story with great interest and, in the end, the children were equipped with maps and began searching for the stolen goods hidden by the pirates.

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