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Two therapy dogs visit our education center

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A very different visit took place this time at our Homework and Creative Activities Centre in Athens. Two beautiful therapy dogs came to our premises, filling the classrooms with smiles!

One of our students, remembered with nostalgia the dog he had in his country, and transferred all his love to the beautiful dog, Hiona, filling her with kisses and cuddles.

But all our students reacted in a similar way. With the help of the SAPT-Hellas trainers, even those who had a slight phobia of dogs quickly overcame it, and started competing each other in order to give the most pets to our four-legged friends.

We warmly thank SAPT Hellas for the beautiful moments they gave our students and the opportunity to express their love for the animals.

METAdrasi’s Homework and Creative Activities Centre in Athens, operates within the framework of the programme “All Children In Education”, a UNICEF Greece initiative, co-funded by the European Union and implemented by a number of partners, including METAdrasi.

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