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Unique constructions in our education centre in the Mavrovouni camp

A real transformation took place in our education centre in the Mavrovouni camp on Lesvos thanks to the constructions made by the inspired team of Office for the New Earth.

With the playhouse, the pergola, the “temple of sun” and the garden, they managed to turn the whole area into the most beautiful part of the camp: a child-friendly space filled with colours, joy and plants!

The children have found a place to play every day, either with the swings or the wooden structures. Older children have taken it upon themselves to support the maintenance and proper watering of the plants in the large flower beds. They have already tasted the first strawberries, while yesterday we noticed that the first tomatoes, zucchini and corn have started to grow!

The space has been completely upgraded, offering a touch of joy, as befits a school environment.

We sincerely thank the team of ONE for this precious gift!

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