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Metadrasi - METAdrasi Strays of Samos

Visit to a shelter for stray dogs in Samos on the occasion of World Stray Animals Day

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The unaccompanied children of the Transit Accommodation Facility in Samos visited the Save the Strays Of Samos animal protection centre in order to get acquainted with the four-legged guests of the shelter.

A volunteer showed the children around the place and explained to them that those who take care of the little dogs on a daily basis are doing voluntary work. The children had many questions; they wanted to know about the daily needs of the animals, the work that the volunteers have to do, and how one can adopt a dog.

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When the children heard that some of these animals were found abandoned on the streets or in the trash, they were very touched. “All living creatures in this world have the right to be loved”, one of our children told us, while a girl expressed her desire to volunteer at the shelter.

Our children, in order to give some of their love to dogs, took them for a walk and gave them countless cuddles and treats. The only thing to make them part with their new friends was the promise that we would visit the shelter again.

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METAdrasi’s Transit Accommodation Facilities in Chios and in Samos are funded since June 2020 by EEA Grants in the framework of the Asylum and Migration programme.

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