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Volunteer Vaios: “If I could describe my volunteering experience in one sentence I would say it is one of the best moments of my week”

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Vaios, METAdrasi’s volunteer mathematics teacher, talks about his experience.

I started volunteering at METAdrasi because… I really wanted to offer, as I always liked to work with children and from a young age I was concerned about the refugee issue.

If I could describe my overall volunteering experience in one sentence… I would say it is one of the best moments of my week.

To me, being a volunteer at METAdrasi means… listening to the needs of the children and trying to help them academically, but also with any other issue that they are concerned about.

Volunteering is important to me because… you learn to put someone else’s needs before your own, you become more responsible, and you learn from interacting with other volunteers and children.

I believe that through volunteering… we can all feel useful, put in good use and develop our skills, as well as become more sensitive people and by extension, citizens.

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