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We support with all our strenghts the refugee populations suffering from cold in the camps

We are in the heart of winter and families, young children, vulnerable populations living in refugee camps throughout Greece, are exposed to adverse weather conditions.

METAdrasi, after 10 days of intense work of its team of volunteers, completed the recording and organization of a large amount of humanitarian aid: more than 800 boxes of warm clothes and shoes, blankets and quilts, toys for the kids etc.

The material aid was transferred and stored in Thessaloniki, while during the past four days it was arranged and sorted out in categories. During this week we will start its distribution to the refugee camps of Northern Greece, according to the needs of each point. Part of this material will cover the needs of unaccompanied children supported by METAdrasi in Thessaloniki, through the Guardianship Network for Unaccompanied Minors.

We would like to thank all of you who have offered items of humanitarian aid, as well as our tireless teams in Athens and Thessaloniki (and their relatives who eagerly helped) that carried out the difficult task of recording, classifying, dispatching and receiving this material!

We also warmly thank all those who help and will continue to assist in the distribution of relief items in refugee camps.

Stay tuned for information and photos of the continuation of the action! Together we achieve more!

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