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We welcome our new colleagues!

After the completion of METAdrasi’s 50th Interpreters’ Training Seminar, held in English, 17 interpreters in 8 languages were added to the Organization’s team. Our new colleagues, most of whom come from refugee camps in Athens and other locations throughout Greece, attended the intensive 10-day seminar and successfully passed the written and oral examinations.

Having acquired the necessary skills to contribute effectively to the provision of interpretation services to Asylum procedures, First Reception & Identification and in camps throughout Greece, these people, victims of the refugee crisis, have an opportunity for a fresh start, by helping other people to communicate.

Efthymis, Head of METAdrasi’s Interpreters’ Training Seminars, told us:
“From visits to camps in Attiki, I will never forget the first smile of anticipation of these people, for a step that could change their lives, as well as their excitement regarding their success in the exams. I feel joy that these individuals will be the voice of the refugee and will support their right to communication.”

We wish them every success in their new responsibilities!

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