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World Children’s Day 2020

On Friday, November 20, World Children’s Day, METAdrasi’s Education team carried out creative activities with the students that reside at Kara Tepe’s camp. The children drew pictures and created collages with “their dreams”.

It was definitely a very pleasant break: During this difficult time, it is important to strengthen these children’s creativity and help them in their need to express themselves. Because there is no distance learning for these children. Because their parents cannot send an SMS for them to go out even for a few minutes to play in a park. Because in the best case, their “home” is a container.

METAdrasi’s Education team, on the occasion of World Children’s Day, but also of the announcement about the upcoming closure of the Kara Tepe camp, which has been operating since 2016, highlights once again the need to ensure appropriate conditions of residence and education of these children, so that they enjoy the same rights as all the other children.

▶️ METAdrasi’s education activities for children on the islands of Lesvos and Chios are being implemented with the support of UNHCR.

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