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Education activities for adults on the islands

Due to the lack of knowledge of the Greek language, the integration of refugees and migrants becomes even more difficult in the local society in general and especially on the islands. METAdrasi, having ten years of experience in teaching Greek to adult refugees and migrants, started from July 2021, providing Greek language and skills courses to adults on islands of Chios and Lesvos, aiming at their integration and adaptation into the social society

The courses are conducted according to METAdrasi’s Greek language curriculum, adapted to the needs of the refugee population living in the camps. The aim of the educational programme is the learning of Greek language, with the aim of serving the refugees’ basic daily needs, as well as the acquisition of skills useful for their integration into Greek society and for their job search.

Students receive educational material, adapted according to their language and cognitive level, books and dictionaries, useful links and videos from METAdrasi’s team.

Times and schedule of operation:

  • The adult courses in Mavrovouni are held daily, Monday-Friday, 14:00-19:00.
  • Adult courses in Chios are held daily, Monday-Friday after 13:00.


For more information/registrations:

Lesvos: 6983010647, Chios: 6908091523
Samos, Kos and general info: 2141008700 (extension: 259)

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METAdrasi’s educational actions concerning adults are carried out in the first host islands with the support of UNHCR.