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ENTAXEI – Multilingual Support Guide in Ukrainian and Russian

“Entaxei” is a multilingual support tool for children and teenagers who speak Ukrainian or Russian and have little or no familiarity with the Greek language. Its purpose is to help cover basic communication needs during the first period of their stay in Greece and their first steps in Greek school. It facilitates its users:

  • to understand simple expressions and directions, introduce themselves
  • to understand basic vocabulary needed in school, express questions, problems and requests regarding issues related to education, accommodation, transport, nutrition and health
  • to read and understand simple texts or fill out basic forms such as a declaration

It includes common, everyday phrases translated into Ukrainian and Russian, an illustrated vocabulary, a brief grammar guide and simple exercises.

Download “ΕΝΤΑΞΕΙ in Ukrainian and Russian” (.PDF format):

The adaptation “ENTAXEI in Ukrainian and Russian” was realized in 2022 by METAdrasi and UNICEF as aprt of the “All Children in Education” program.

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