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GEFYRES – Bilingual Refugee Support Guide

GEFYRES is a bilingual support tool for refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants with little or no familiarity with the Greek language. Its purpose is to help cover basic communication needs during the first period of migrants’ stay in Greece. It allows its users:

  • to understand simple expressions and instructions and introduce themselves
  • to express questions, problems, and demands with regards to mobility, nutrition, daily transactions, health, education, work, residence
  • to read and understand simple texts, fill basic forms such as a solemn statement

It includes useful daily expressions translated into Arabic, an illustrated vocabulary, and simple practice exercises. It is accompanied by an electronic dictionary with a word search, as well as translation from Greek to Arabic and vice versa.

– GEFYRES – Bilingual Refugee Support Guide is available online here
– The electronic dictionary is available online here

It was created in 2016 by the Center for the Development of Educational Policy of the General Confederation of Workers of Greece in the context of its actions to support the social integration of migrants and refugees.

Material development: Giorgos Simopoulos (Education Policy Development Center – KANEP / GSEE)
Translations: METAdrasi – Action for Migration and Development

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