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Guardianship Network for Unaccompanied Minors

The pioneering for the Greek standards programme of the Guardianship Network for Unaccompanied Minors is one of the most important and successful activities introduced to Greece by METAdrasi. Since the beginning of the activity in 2014, the specially trained METAdrasi guardians, have offered valuable and personalized support to thousands of unaccompanied children, taking care of their best interests and ensuring their access to asylum and hospital care, to education and all the activities necessary for their psychosocial development.

In total, METAdrasi’s guardians have supported more than 11,890 children.

From 01/11/2023 to 31/12/2024:

The action is conducted under the framework of the “National Guardianship System” “Programme Greece – Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund 2021-2027.” This initiative is a partnership between METAdrasi as the coordinating partner and PRAKSIS as a supporting partner. The common aim is to uphold the institution of guardianship for unaccompanied minors in Greece, ensuring their best interests and protection of their rights.

The primary objective of the programme is to deliver guardianship services to unaccompanied minors residing in Greece in a systematic, organized, and efficient manner, through the consistent presence of Guardianship Officers and Guardianship Coordinators, who will consider both current beneficiaries’ data and projected arrivals of unaccompanied minors, while also adhering to the institutional framework governing the provision of guardianship services.

The overarching goal of this activity is to establish the Guardianship of Unaccompanied and Separated Minors by creating a network comprising of more than 150 trained Guardianship Officers and 12 Guardianship Coordinators.

The primary objectives of the activities are:

  • The effective protection of the rights of unaccompanied and separated minors upon their entry into Greek territory.
  • Safeguarding their best interests by involving the minors themselves in decision-making processes regarding their lives, taking into consideration their age and individual characteristics.
  • Family reunification and communication with the family environment, ensuring it does not compromise the physical or mental well-being or the rights of the minors.
  • Assisting beneficiaries in their transition to adulthood, with a focus on autonomy and facilitating integration into both social life and the labor market.

The start date of the Activity is set at 01/11/2023 and the end date at 31/12/2024.

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The above project is funded by the “Programme Greece – Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund 2021-2027”, co-financed by the European Union.


For further information and requests, you may contact METAdrasi at +30 214 100 8700 or through mail at info@metadrasi.org