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Interpretation for Education

Since January 2018, METAdrasi, in co-operation with Greece’s Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs (MoE), has provided interpretation services in public schools, aiming to enroll and integrate refugee and migrant children into formal education systems. Through the programme “Interpretation for Education”, certified interpreters in over 20 different languages have visited more than 260 schools in Attica, Central Macedonia and Epirus.

For the current school year 2022-2023, school principals may submit interpretation requests to METAdrasi by sending an application form to the following e-mail address: schools@metadrasi.org for Athens or schoolsthess@metadrasi.org for Thessaloniki.

Contact info: for Athens 214 1008 700 and for Thessaloniki 2314 070433.

The programme “All Children in Education” is being implemented in cooperation with the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and with the support of UNICEF.