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“Money”: an unaccompanied minor΄s first attempt as a writer

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One of the older children living in the Transit Accommodation Facility for unaccompanied minors in Chios took his first writing steps, with a text about money and its value.

Drawing inspiration from his own experiences, he put down on paper, his thoughts, concerns and findings about the value that money has in people’s lives. Despite his young age and the adversities he has been called upon to face so early in life, the clarity and maturity of his thoughts are impressive.

Some people think that money is everything. If you have money you are happy.

But I say money is not everything.

Some people have money but do not have their health. These people give all their money to become healthy.

Some people have money but no family. They wish they were united with their family, even if they had no money.

With money we can:

buy a bed, but not sleep,

buy a watch, but not the time,

buy a book, but not knowledge,

buy a heart, but not love.

We need to know that we can buy everything but

not health,

not family,

not respect,

not love,

not knowledge.

In the end, money is not everything


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