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2,472 escorting missions of unaccompanied children and vulnerable cases

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During 2017, METAdrasi’s team realized 1,074 missions for the escorting of 1,790 unaccompanied children and 21 vulnerable cases (SGBV), from precarious conditions to safe transit accommodation facilities all over Greece.

To date, within 7 years of the activity’s implementation, 6,874 children and SGBV cases have been safely escorted, during 2,472 escorting missions. Nevertheless, the issue of safe housing for unaccompanied children remains, since there are not enough spaces in appropriate accommodation facilities. More than 2,000 unaccompanied minors still find themselves in detention, in camps or even on the street…

The tireless METAdrasi’s escorting teams, consisting of social scientists, interpreters and volunteers, are always ready for any mission necessary, in order to protect the unaccompanied children from staying under inappropriate conditions, even for a single day.

The 6,874 children that we have met through this activity, have each one their own unique personality and story. With their positive energy and soul power they give us the courage to continue…

METAdrasi’s escorting missions for unaccompanied children and vulnerable cases are implemented in cooperation with the National Centre for Social Solidarity (EKKA), the Police Directorates and the Public Prosecutor’s Offices and are funded by UNHCR. Additionally, they are supported by Blue Star Ferries, Aegean Airlines and Hellenic Seaways.

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