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A celebration with music, flavors and wishes from different parts of the world

Maria, Head of METAdrasi’s free of charge Greek language courses for refugees and migrants, tells us:

“A few days ago, students, teachers and members of METAdrasi’s team were gathered in Romantso in order to celebrate together. It was an opportunity to congratulate our students on their progress and to thank our volunteer teachers, but also our volunteer assistants in the secretarial support for their valuable contribution.

Our students came with great enthusiasm to the event: they brought their families along, so that we could meet them, and had cooked meals and appetizers from their home countries.

Volunteers occupied the young children with creative activities, while we sat in a circle and one by one introduced themselves.

The students described their life in Greece and what they obtain from the Greek lessons. Most, despite all the difficulties, are optimistic. Some students have been residing for many years in the country, wihile others have arrived just a few months ago. The process brought them closer together and all students from different classes got to know each other better.

As time was passing, music and melodies from various countries led us to a group dance.

Then teachers and course assistants gave to the students handmade cards which they had created themselves to wish everyone personally for the New Year!

At the end of the evening we said goodbye in a emotional atmosphere. Characteristically, a student told us that having traveled to many countries in recent years, in Greece he felt very strongly the love and intimacy from the people he met, and this made him want to learn our language.”

We would like to thank Romantso for kindly hosting the event, and HIGGS at Metaxourgio for providing us space for the Greek language courses.

The next course of lessons will be starting on early February, and the registrations will take place during January in our offices in Tavros, 7, 25 Martiou Street, 2nd floor.

For more information, please contact our office by phone at 210 5201792210 5201794 & 210 5138404 or by mail at info@metadrasi.org

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