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A good morning and a smile for the children to feel safe and accepted

It’s been a month and a half since the arrival of 39 unaccompanied children in a hotel in Kamena Vourla for their temporary stay. Today, there are only nine children remaining and in their turn, they will also depart to other European countries soon.

Leaving behind the extreme reactions of the first days, throughout all this period, the people’s support has been amazing: Food, clothes, shoes, toys, educational material from citizens and organizations, excellent cooperation with the local Health Center and other local actors. Simple gestures that made a big difference.

A special moment for the children was their visit to the Center for Historic Information in Thermopylae, which took place thanks to the kind offer of Mr. Lambros. Wearing the special glasses, the children watched a virtual reality film which shows historical facts concerning the Battle, the armory of the Greeks, Leonidas with the 300 Spartans,the Thespieis and the Thivaious, the ascend of the Anopaia Way and the outcome of the battle. The children were so impressed and for days after their visit, the details they remembered and their will to learn more about Greece’s history and culture were worthy of admiration.

But the thing that the children loved the most, is their walks in the city. Every day they go to the beautiful beach of Kamena Vourla and every time they meet a resident and exchange a “Kalimera” (good morning) and a smile, their face brightens! This spontaneous “kalimera” and the smile are exactly those simple, human things that helped the children feel safe and accepted. Hopefully, leaving our country, they will be able to remove from their memory all the traumatic experiences from their arrival in the islands and keep only those last smiles and the pleasant moments they lived in Kamena Vourla.

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