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Metadrasi - Samos shelter commendation 1

A lesson in honesty from an unaccompanied child!

Metadrasi - Samos shelter commendation 1

A special commendation for his ethics and honesty was awarded today to an unaccompanied child of our shelter in Samos by the principal of the local Vocational High School!

A few days ago, Bashir* found a mobile phone on the field where he was training. Without a second thought, he took it to the manager of the shelter and asked her to search together to find the owner of the phone and return it to him. And indeed, the owner was soon found.

So today, in a very moving atmosphere, with his classmates and teachers applauding non-stop, he proudly received the praise, giving a lesson in morals and values to all.

*The minor’s name has been changed to protect his identity.

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