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Metadrasi - METAdrasi Paramythonia 2

A special day in the magical world of “Paramythonia”

Our young students at the Child Friendly Space at METAdrasi’s Educational Centre in Thessaloniki participated in an interactive storytelling activity.

Antonia from Paramythonia told them a story about a little elephant that had a small nose. The other animals made fun of the little elephant, but later they became friends with it and they all ended up dancing and singing together. The children learned to play musical instruments from other countries, enjoyed themselves and laughed together with their teachers. The story gave an essential message to them, that it is important to accept ourselves and others as they are.

We thank our new friend, Antonia, for making our day special and for welcoming us to her magical land: “It is a land far, far away, where all dreams come true. Its name is… Paramythonia!”

The Educational Centre operates within the framework of the program “All Children in Education” that is implemented by METAdrasi with support from UNICEF Greece and co-funding from the European Union.

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