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A touching book by Marietta Kontou from Metaixmio Publications

“We are like all other children, nothing else, but we were born in not smiling places and we chose not to give up and instead of being chased, to chase a goal ourselves.”

The touching book “Ftou Xelipi” by Marietta Kontou* takes us from Syria to Greece and from there to Germany and the Rio Olympics, following the lifecourse of a refugee girl.

Based on the real story of Yusra Mardini and written with liveliness and sensitivity, the book talks about love, friendship, separation, determination, the sporting ideal.

In the last pages, you will find some information by METAdrasi regarding the protection of unaccompanied children, like the heroine of the story, that encourages readers to seek ways of supporting a child that may be nearby and feel alone…

We thank Metaixmio Publications for the cooperation and wish that this book will become a source of inspiration for children and parents!

* Illustrations by Stathis Petropoulos, for children over 10 years old

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