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Metadrasi - METAdrasi Potential Project 6

A unique art exhibition by our young students in Athens

The young students of METAdrasi’s Educational Center in Athens participated in a special art exhibition, where they presented the artworks they created under the guidance of Potential Project’s volunteers.

The central idea of the project “Portrait of a child – every child one story” was the free expression of children through artistic creation, regardless of age, gender, language and origin. The children “filled” their self-portraits with different colours, words and pictures, composing unique collages with their thoughts, feelings and concerns.

The exhibition also featured improvised box constructions, which the children used to build a small paper city in the middle of the room, with their dreams of a warm home in a bonded community thus taking on substance through art.

We warmly thank the team of Potential Project!

The Educational Center operated within the framework of the program “All Children in Education” that is implemented by METAdrasi with support from UNICEF Greece and co-funding from the European Union.

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