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A visit to the National Museum of Contemporary Art

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Students from METAdrasi’s educational centre visited the National Museum of Contemporary Art, in the framework of the HELIOS Hellenic Integration Support For Beneficiaries of International Protection project. The young visitors and their teachers took a guided tour and they explored the Museum’s exhibitions and venues, admiring works of art inspired by contemporary social issues such as migration, technology and climate change.

The visit to the Museum was a unique opportunity to further discuss modern art and its influences in the social and cultural context of our students’ countries, proving that art is a common language that brings people together.

METAdrasi is a key partner of IOM Greece for the implementation of the HELIOS project in Athens. The HELIOS project aims to support beneficiaries of international protection to integrate into Greek society offering a variety of services promoting independent living including rental subsidies, integration courses and employability support. The project as of January 1st 2022 is funded through the co-financed part of the Public Investment Programme of the Ministry of Migration and Asylum.

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