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Abdi makes his dream come true

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Abdi saw his business idea come to life with the opening of his office in the center of Athens yesterday.

Abdi, a recognized refugee from Somalia, participated in the 2nd cycle of METAdrasi’s entrepreneurship programme “Ready4Business”, which is implemented in partnership with UNHCR. Having received proper training and guidance throughout the programme, he developed his own business plan, which secured him the funding he needed from The People’s Trust. At the same time, he completed Greek school and sat for the Panhellenic exams, in order to become an aircraft technician, proving that dreams can take you very high!

Abdi’s start-up company provides guidance and support to refugees and migrants from Somalia who have been in Greece for a relatively short period and still do not know the procedures or speak the language to handle their cases on their own.

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Maria Theodoropoulou, METAdrasi’s entrepreneurship programme manager, stressed that “Abdi is an excellent example of integration. He finished school, will start studying, and at the same time managed to open his own business. Although his family lives in France, he never wants to leave Greece, which he now considers his second home.”

We wish Abdi every success!

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