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An unforgettable visit

A few days ago, children from METAdrasi’s Accommodation Facility for Unaccompanied Minors in Athens, had the pleasure of making a special visit.

Vasiliki, the accommodation manager, recounts:
“We got dressed up and set off to meet our new friends. Entering the space of the Cerebral Palsy Greece in Argyroupoli, we were welcomed at the entrance by everyone – children and employees – smiling and ready to get to know us and play together!

Initially, we formed two teams: some of us started drawing, while the others played music. Taking a break to eat, we helped our friends get downstairs to the dining room and until lunch was prepared, we played some more, we danced and we sang along with members of the personnel. We raced with the wheelchairs (we laughed a lot!), we threw water bombs in buckets and much more.

On our way back home, we would not stop talking about that special day, about what a nice time we had and about how much we were looking forward to meeting again our new friends”.

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