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Announcement regarding the case of the 3-year-old child in Chios

The past few days we have received many phone calls and messages concerning the three-year-old child from Syria, whose dramatic story in Chios drew the attention of the media.

We would like to thank you all for your moving interest and inform you that the child is well and in a safe and protected environment. METAdrasi is working closely with the Prosecution Office of Chios and the appointing authorities in the best interest of the child and is taking care of his psychosocial support.

As many have expressed the desire to offer hospitality to the child, it is important to note that METAdrasi has developed an innovative action for hosting unaccompanied children in families this year – from which 20 children have already benefited – and there are still thousands of children, who are situated in Greece and are in need of care and family warmth.

If you wish to offer hospitality to an unaccompanied child, please find more information on bit.ly/fosteruasc

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